Blended Course

Stepping Up to Lead (March 20) (PERS_SUL0320)

Helping you step up into your first leadership position.

Does this sound like you?
• You’ve been asked to lead a team or a project, but aren't sure you can do it
• You’re looking for more of a challenge, but aren't sure if you're ready for the responsibility
• You’re not quite sure what it would be like to lead a team

What if you…
• Had a clear plan about what your next role involved
• Had all the knowledge and skills you need for that next step
• Had a strong network of people supporting you

This course will help you to
• identify the knowledge and skills needed to lead your team or project
• develop the knowledge, skills and experience needed for that next step
• build a network of people to support your new leading role

It is a blended course, so there are four, live interactive virtual workshops alongside course material that you can access at any time. To make sure that the virtual workshops can be truly interactive, places on this course are limited.
  • Welcome 90d
  • Welcome
  • 1 - WORK WELL 180d
  • Before the virtual workshop
  • Virtual Workshop 1 - Work Well
  • What should change?
  • Be visible
  • 2 - Do you want to lead? 241d
  • What is your dream job?
  • Your ideal week
  • 3 - Be a role model 306d
  • Virtual Workshop 2 - Be a role model
  • Build trust
  • Be consistent
  • Think about how you look
  • Make everyone welcome
  • 4 - Build your network 371d
  • Your internal network
  • Your Professional Learning Network
  • How to grow your network
  • 5 - Invest in your organisation 436d
  • Research it
  • Understand it
  • Virtual Workshop 3 - Invest in your organisation
  • 6 - Step Up 487d
  • What will your role involve?
  • Your first week
  • 7 - Action planning 547d
  • Virtual Workshop 4 - Action planning
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed